Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Waiting for the Freedom Market traders yesterday at the House of Assembly, my sandal broke. That's what you get for $3 flip flops. Somebody directed me around the corner to a parking lot, where there was a group of about ten young men .... fixing sandals! This guy hooked me up for the equivalent of 75 cents.

Either there is a real problem with the quality of the sandals here in Nigeria or a real problem with employment. Or both.


  1. Probably both :-) I am sure you will keep both the sandal makers and street "cobblers" in business!! ;-) I have loved reading the blog and so happy that you are having a great (and extremely relevant) experience over there. The little man and I love you tons and are sending you good Karma across the great Atlantic. Don't forget to swing by and visit us in the Nation's Capital before heading back to the Big Apple! I am sure your folks will want to see you too :-) xoxoxo, Susan

  2. Thank you, Susan! I am awash in your and Jacob's love and good karma, thank you for that. Please keep reading and commenting.