Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What's cooking?

Somebody asked me what I am eating over here. So, here is a photo of yesterday's lunch:

This is about as typical Nigerian food as you can get. Those two beige balls are eba, made from cassava flour. You tear off little pieces and dip them in that sauce, which is a mixture of egusi (the green and white stuff on the bottom) and pepper soup (the red stuff on top). Delicious, and cheap -- this plate cost me about 35 cents!

I'm also learning to make egusi soup -- here is a recipe in case you want to try it at home, although of course it's much easier to make here, with all the ingredients available on any street corner.


  1. Yum, Sean! When you get home, we should have a welcome home party and we'll try to cook some Nigerian food. Please keep posting stuff like this! I love those eba!