Wednesday, April 15, 2009



One term that I hear a lot here is "megacity." As in, "Fashola is getting rid of the hawkers and traders because he wants to make Lagos a megacity." I saw it again today in this article, reporting on more demolitions in nearby Agege.

By definition, a megacity is a simply one with a population of 10 million or more (characterized by rapid growth and social fragmentation). So, Lagos is already a megacity, whether it likes it or not. But the Fashola administration has cleverly adopted this word to appeal to Lagosian's desire to make their city better. After all, who would want to keep their city from being a megacity?

Its also the kind of word that can be used to justify almost anything. Arresting women for selling bread by the side of the road? Sorry - part of our Megacity Project. Rounding up poor people on the street and dumping them outside the city boundaries? Too bad -- we're making Lagos a megacity!

Mega-mess? Again, the socialists seem to be providing one of the rare voices of dissent, like in this powerful article.

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  1. YES it seems like a maga-mess when you look at the picture you took