Wednesday, June 24, 2009

If you could speak to the Governor


My assistant Sakira and I have almost finished our survey of Lagos hawkers and street traders, which will be part of my final report. Thus far we have interviewed over 130 traders, in just about every one of Lagos' local government areas. Here she is talking to some Gala sellers at Mile 2 yesterday.
The most interesting question we ask in the survey is, "If you could say one thing to Governor Fashola, what would it be?" A few people have been intimidated at the very thought of speaking to the Governor, but mostly we get great responses. Here are a few:

1) "You're doing a good job, but we are not the cause of the problem. 2) "We poor people need space inside the market." 3) "Fashola is good, except the KAI people are bad." 4) "I need a good job. Please assist me so I can leave this business." 5) "You are trying to clean Lagos. But people are hungry."


  1. Hi Sean, nice blog. Interesting to see Lagos from your perspective. Hope it's been fun.

  2. Nice picture.
    This phrase touched me a lot: 4) "I need a good job. Please assist me so I can leave this business."

  3. Hi Sean, i hope u have experienced the other side of life as a street hawker in Lagos.But, If i may ask u Sean,did you hawk gala on the third mainland bridge?Howabout running after moving bus?