Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sean in New York


After nearly seven months in six countries on three continents, my trip is over. I am back in New York, back in my apartment, and back at work.

I haven't had much time to reflect, but it was an amazing trip that gave me the chance to expand my own mind while making (I hope) some small difference on a global scale.

Thank you for reading and sharing the experience with me. I really did enjoy blogging and receiving all the feedback. I won't be posting here any more, but you can always contact me at my regular email address, sbasinski [at] urbanjustice [dot] org.

With that, I'll sign off. As they say in Yoruba, "eshay," which means "thank you!"


  1. Eshe, Sean!! Very interesting blog indeed; i'm going to miss reading this while at work. Hope you had a safe trip back home, and by all means, do this again!!

  2. E kaa bo (welcome), I must say I really enjoyed reading your blog, wish you all the best

  3. Hi Sean-
    Love the blog. I am also an expat living in Lagos but because of security concerns, I am not allowed to get out and about the streets of the city. Therefore, I live vicariously through your posts.
    I have a question...
    Did you ever run across a vendor that had the Jingle Bells track going over and over on his cart? If so, I would love to hear what his story is. Thank you.

  4. Hi Sean, I hope you're still checking this. I've really enjoyed your blog and really hope you'll do some more. It'd be interesting to see how you apply what you learned in Nigeria to your work back in the US and I'm sure there are lots of people who would like to know more. The world needs people who have informed and unrestrained opinions. Please keep blogging.

    Sara in Ireland

  5. Congratulations, Sean - you are an inspiration!!

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