Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not in Nigeria yet

Not there yet -- I'm in New Delhi, getting mentally ready for Lagos. A good chance to practice my blogging before I hit the ground in Nigeria. Two days have felt like forever, in a good way. The most incredible thing about Delhi is the street life. Its Where's Waldo in real time. Over here a vendor is boiling chai, there some guys are welding metal in a roadside workshop, there a barber is giving a shave on the sidewalk, in the corner are some women huddling by a little fire they built, in front of you laborers are resting on their pull-carts. People are rushing by carrying all kinds of ridiculoulsly large bundles. Its hard to take it all -- and thrilling. Yesterday I got a bicycle rickshaw ride (there are 600,000 rickshaw pullers in Delhi) through half the city, careeening through markets, a herd of cows running beside us at one point -- I couldn't stop laughing at the madness.

More tales from Delhi later -- just wanted to get my feet wet now with a first short post.

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