Monday, January 12, 2009

What, no double chai skim lattes?

Walking around Delhi all day can be exhausting -- there are no Starbucks to chill out and seek refuge from the crazy streets. (There are plenty of street chai sellers, but you usually have to stand). In fact, there is nothing even vaguely resembling a Starbucks.

I've been surprised at how un-westernized India is -- at least the neighborhoods where I have been hanging out. There are no American stores, brands or advertising. Very few of the people speak more than a few words of English - most speak not a word. And, apart from the area right around my hotel, I've only seen 2 or 3 western tourists in 3 days of wandering the streets and markets. Its pretty refreshing, but a little frustrating to not be able to communicate. I've mostly travelled in Spanish-speaking countries, where I can get by with my high-school Spanish, or Francophone countries, where I can get by. This is a new challenge.

BTW, I just figured out how to upload photos -- please check out my Fuzzy Vest series here. And please comment on this blog, so I know someone is reading it. Use a fake name if you must.


  1. Sean, Sounds like you're having a great adventure. Appreciate your insights. Glad Christmas has just passed lest it be fuzzy vests all around.

  2. heya--glad you are back online! i walked by a liquor store today on 9th around 37th. the sign on the door read:

    no beer. for beer go to dehli ----->

  3. I LOVE the fuzzy vest. Too cool! My favorite of course the pink and the orange one.
    Very nice pictures.

  4. Hidetaka and Jeff are hanging out here in Brooklyn and reading your blog. Keep up the writing - especially now in the beginning. It'll be great to compare the early posts from the late ones, I think.